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Meet the 2016-17 Edgewood Hoofbeat staff

By Edgewood Hooftbeat staff

I’ve been on the staff for three years, with three different advisers. Being the editor of a newspaper staff is a very frustrating, but rewarding experience. There are times when the entire staff is opposed to your critiques, and times when they love your input. I loved seeing all of the new students who joined this year grow and become better writers, but I also loved seeing my coeditor grow and change so much from the previous year; she came out of her shell. I could not have made it through this year without her and the openness of the new staff to learn new things. I loved seeing the excitement in their eyes when they thought of a clever headline or took a great photo. My experiences in this class throughout the years are ones I will never forget.

senior Kayla Ratliff

I am Co-Editor of The Edgewood newspaper, The Hoofbeat. I have been on the Hoofbeat staff for two years and will be editor-in-chief as a senior next year. I have gained friends throughout my two years on the staff, people who I hadn’t pictured myself being friends with. I became much closer to this year’s current editor and have learned lots of tips for next year. I have learned how to write more efficiently to get points across, as well as learned how to take more eye-catching photos. Over the two years, I have written many articles and taken a variety of photos for different school events. I am looking forward to working with next year’s staff.

junior Emily Crismore

I’m Logan Guzik, and I joined the Hoofbeat Staff to step out of my comfort zone and to gain experience writing articles and communicating well with people. I met people I would have never likely encountered if I had chose never take the class. I learned the importance and power our everyday media has in our society and I have gained an appreciation for the amount of effort it takes to publish well groomed news. Gathering good information takes asking the right sources, what, how, when, who, and where. Its not what pictures you take, its how you take the right pictures, the angle is key and being at the right place at the right time is important. After writing my first article I was inspired to write more and pursued different stories to write about. Of course not everything I wrote about got published, but the articles I did write were thoroughly edited by three of the most fascinating editors Kayla Ratliff, Emily Crismore, and our teacher Mr.Axsiom. I learned a great deal from these three individuals, things that I will use and remember for the rest of my life. If you’re interested in writing, interviewing, taking pictures or just simply wanting to increase your writing and people skills, I recommend getting on the roster for the school’s Newspaper class you might regret you don’t.

Hi my name is Heather Christy and I will tell you about how being on the newspaper staff has changed me. Being on the newspaper staff has taught me to keep an open mind. In the beginning of the year, it was harder for me to be relaxed when an editor would make edits to my paper. I would want to fight for what I had before and not accept all edits. Near the end, I was more relaxed to the editor’s changes. Being on the newspaper staff also opened my eyes to an atmosphere I was not used too or hang around. Hanging around this new atmosphere taught me a lot of new things and made me think of a lot of things I never thought about before. Before being on newspaper staff, I never really thought about women’s oppression, women’s rights, gay rights, or consent like the newspaper staff talked about, just because the people I hangout never talked about those kind of things.

My name is Hannah Steinmetz, and the 2016-2017 school year was my junior year. I have a strong passion for reading and writing, so my year on The Hoofbeat staff has been really fun. As part of the staff, I wrote articles on different types of stories and took the occasional picture. Coming into newspaper class, I expected to write a lot more stories, but I have now learned that there is more editing of a story than I originally thought. I found it to be a challenge to find stories I was really interested in writing, but in the end, it strengthened my writing because I learned how to take an objective side to new stories and write something even when it is a challenge. If I had to choose a favorite story of mine from this year, I would probably choose “Talk Dead to Me,” a story about the show, The Walking Dead. I am a huge fan of the show, so the story was really fun to write. I loved that it was my job to ask people their opinions on the show because I could go on for hours about the series. Overall, if I could take anything away from newspaper class, I would say that I have strengthened my writing skills and learned how to sound more professional. I have enjoyed finding a way to make a news story creative, and my year on The Hoofbeat staff has been exciting.

Handy Dandy Holiday Decorating Tips

By Emily Crismore, sophomore


Christmas is just down the chimney! Lights are being hung and Christmas trees are going up. Decorating for the holidays is a great way to get in the mood for the holidays, but can be tricky. Whether you put up a Christmas tree or deck out your house, there is always something about the decorations that can really boost your spirits. Here are a few tips and ideas to have the ultimate holiday decorations:

  • Put up decorative trees; they are a good way to add the Christmas joy to any room.
  • Hang lights around your bedroom to boost your spirits!
  • Light winter-scented candles to emit a holiday aura and scent.
  • Gingerbread houses are fun to make and can be great decorations.
  • Candy canes and assorted gumballs in jars can add color and satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Mistletoe is a classic decoration that adds a pop of color and a romantic feel to any room.

Not only will decorating get you in the holiday mood, but it will also give you the opportunity to be with friends and family. “My family puts up the Christmas tree with ornaments and lights. We put up lights all around the outside of the house; we also fill the house Christmas decorations,” said junior Tyler McGlothlin, “My favorite part is spending time with my family because I enjoy getting all of my family together and bonding.”


By Michal MacMorran, Sophomore

Four families, six weeks, and one summer trip to Brazil, South America. This was the experience that the Burrells and Raakes shared together, along with a family from Louisville, and family friends already living in the area.

“It’s one of those things that you can’t quite explain because it seems like you’re downplaying it,” said sophomore Tate Raake, reflecting on his summer travel. “The whole thing was just so amazing, I can’t even describe it.”

The group on the trip take a picture in front of Christ the Redeemer in Rio.
The group on the trip take a picture in front of Christ the Redeemer in Rio.

As far as culture and atmosphere goes, there is a lot to be noticed between the States and Brazil.

“One thing that I noticed immediately about the culture and life there was that everyone was so carefree and relaxed…it was like there was nothing to worry about,” Raake said. He wasn’t the only one who took note of this striking difference in atmosphere between America and Brazil.

“They’re a lot more laid back there, it feels like there’s less stress for sure. People often show up late to their events, but no one cares. At home we call that ‘Brazil time’ if we run late because that’s just how it is there. But no one minds.”

-Junior Victor Burrell

Amanda Burrell, a senior this year, found herself constantly amazed by the local’s hospitality. “You wouldn’t even really know them and they’d be saying ‘Oh do you need a place to stay? Come over to my house! Come for dinner! Stay the night!'”

On the trip, the Raakes and Burrells stayed in an apartment belonging to Amanda and Victor’s second cousin and her husband.

“Twelve people stayed in that apartment,” Amanda said. “They just said ‘we’ll get an extra mattress, we’ll do something, it’ll work, we’re good!’ And they did! They just make it work. They are so very hospitable and open. It’s just not like that here, at least not nearly as much.”

The friendliness of the people weren’t all the Raakes and Burrells got to experience, though. Over the course of the trip, the families had a number of crazy adventures ranging from zip-lining, to waterfall rappelling, to rafting.

Waterfall Repelling

“It’s something of a blur; we did so much and it was so amazing,” said Amanda. “I would give anything to go back and do it over, and over, and over again. We’re already planning for next year, and the year after that and so on!” Tate said.

Victor got his own special birthday present in Brazil, one that Tate and Amanda didn’t take part in due to cost. It was a once in a lifetime treat (what with him being a soccer player himself): a ticket to a game at the FIFA World Cup.

“It was Brazil vs the Netherlands, and it was such an amazing experience. We were in Brazil, and it was Brazil playing, so the fans were crazy,” Victor said. “And when they sung their national anthem, I got chills.”

Family friends show their Brazilian pride on the beach.
Family friends show their Brazilian pride on the beach.

It’s safe to say that everyone, local or not, was greatly impacted by the World Cup.

“That whole month was like one big holiday for them [the locals]- no one worked, no one went to school. They had their week of winter break, and then three more weeks off all because of the World Cup!” explained Tate. “I was really impressed when we went to the Fan Fest in Rio and saw all of these Americans rooting for the US. Given they were all drunk and insane of course! But seeing all the different kinds of people from all over the world, joined up in one place for one thing -soccer- was amazing.”

Unfortunately everything has a cost, especially an out-of-the-country family vacation.

“I really wanted to go to Show Choir Camps of America, but couldn’t,” Amanda said. “Also, we all lived out of these tiny travel-on suitcases. It was a month and a half of suitcases; that, I got tired of! So I gave up a closet too, but that’s nothing compared to a trip to Brazil for a month and a half with my friends and family.”

Of the 308 million-plus citizens in the United States, only 30% have passports. This only proves further how unbelievable it is that Tate, Amanda, Victor, and their families got to have this experience. And it undoubtedly is one that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

“You need to go stay in another country like I did; it’s just something you need to do!” said Tate, passionately. “You hear all about them and see all the pictures, but it’s seriously nothing compared to actually going and seeing it, smelling it, hearing it…I think everyone should do that.”