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Meet the 2016-17 Edgewood Hoofbeat staff

By Edgewood Hooftbeat staff

I’ve been on the staff for three years, with three different advisers. Being the editor of a newspaper staff is a very frustrating, but rewarding experience. There are times when the entire staff is opposed to your critiques, and times when they love your input. I loved seeing all of the new students who joined this year grow and become better writers, but I also loved seeing my coeditor grow and change so much from the previous year; she came out of her shell. I could not have made it through this year without her and the openness of the new staff to learn new things. I loved seeing the excitement in their eyes when they thought of a clever headline or took a great photo. My experiences in this class throughout the years are ones I will never forget.

senior Kayla Ratliff

I am Co-Editor of The Edgewood newspaper, The Hoofbeat. I have been on the Hoofbeat staff for two years and will be editor-in-chief as a senior next year. I have gained friends throughout my two years on the staff, people who I hadn’t pictured myself being friends with. I became much closer to this year’s current editor and have learned lots of tips for next year. I have learned how to write more efficiently to get points across, as well as learned how to take more eye-catching photos. Over the two years, I have written many articles and taken a variety of photos for different school events. I am looking forward to working with next year’s staff.

junior Emily Crismore

I’m Logan Guzik, and I joined the Hoofbeat Staff to step out of my comfort zone and to gain experience writing articles and communicating well with people. I met people I would have never likely encountered if I had chose never take the class. I learned the importance and power our everyday media has in our society and I have gained an appreciation for the amount of effort it takes to publish well groomed news. Gathering good information takes asking the right sources, what, how, when, who, and where. Its not what pictures you take, its how you take the right pictures, the angle is key and being at the right place at the right time is important. After writing my first article I was inspired to write more and pursued different stories to write about. Of course not everything I wrote about got published, but the articles I did write were thoroughly edited by three of the most fascinating editors Kayla Ratliff, Emily Crismore, and our teacher Mr.Axsiom. I learned a great deal from these three individuals, things that I will use and remember for the rest of my life. If you’re interested in writing, interviewing, taking pictures or just simply wanting to increase your writing and people skills, I recommend getting on the roster for the school’s Newspaper class you might regret you don’t.

Hi my name is Heather Christy and I will tell you about how being on the newspaper staff has changed me. Being on the newspaper staff has taught me to keep an open mind. In the beginning of the year, it was harder for me to be relaxed when an editor would make edits to my paper. I would want to fight for what I had before and not accept all edits. Near the end, I was more relaxed to the editor’s changes. Being on the newspaper staff also opened my eyes to an atmosphere I was not used too or hang around. Hanging around this new atmosphere taught me a lot of new things and made me think of a lot of things I never thought about before. Before being on newspaper staff, I never really thought about women’s oppression, women’s rights, gay rights, or consent like the newspaper staff talked about, just because the people I hangout never talked about those kind of things.

My name is Hannah Steinmetz, and the 2016-2017 school year was my junior year. I have a strong passion for reading and writing, so my year on The Hoofbeat staff has been really fun. As part of the staff, I wrote articles on different types of stories and took the occasional picture. Coming into newspaper class, I expected to write a lot more stories, but I have now learned that there is more editing of a story than I originally thought. I found it to be a challenge to find stories I was really interested in writing, but in the end, it strengthened my writing because I learned how to take an objective side to new stories and write something even when it is a challenge. If I had to choose a favorite story of mine from this year, I would probably choose “Talk Dead to Me,” a story about the show, The Walking Dead. I am a huge fan of the show, so the story was really fun to write. I loved that it was my job to ask people their opinions on the show because I could go on for hours about the series. Overall, if I could take anything away from newspaper class, I would say that I have strengthened my writing skills and learned how to sound more professional. I have enjoyed finding a way to make a news story creative, and my year on The Hoofbeat staff has been exciting.

Giving Thanks: What We’re Thankful For

By Kayla Ratliff, senior

Sam Stancik, freshman

Stancik spent time with family over Thanksgiving break and ate

at his grandmother’s house. He is thankful for friends, family, and music.

Briana Tristler, sophomore

Tristler celebrated by having dinner at her grandma’s; she also went

to travel soccer practice.

“I’m thankful for the people in my life that are positive, and the

negative ones too because without negative you couldn’t have positive.”

Esse Hovis-Johnson, sophomore

Johnson ate dinner with her immediate family

during break; she also planned to see friends.

Johnson is thankful for “the inclusive LGBT community.”

Stephanie Foster, junior

Foster’s plan was “to eat a lot of food, watch

a lot of Netflix and not do any homework.”

She also had thanksgiving at her house because

the rest of her family lives far away.

Foster is thankful for dogs. “I love dogs, all kinds of dogs.  

I don’t care what they look like; I just love them.”

Tanner Kolbe, senior

Kolbe spent Thanksgiving break with family with family,

watch football, and also did not shave his “mustache

for another twelve days”.

“Usually I celebrate with my extended family in Indianapolis,

but this year my family is changing it up, and we’re going to have

a Thanksgiving at home to freshen it up a little bit.”

“I’m thankful for a lot of things; there’s a lot of great things in my life.

I’m thankful for my family, and I’m thankful for all of the opportunities

that I’m given. I’m thankful for baseball, and I’m thankful for everything

I’m blessed with.”

Emily Hetser, senior

Hetser spent Thanksgiving break with family and friends;

she celebrated at her grandmother’s house talking and

playing board games.

“I’m thankful for my friends and family.”

New year, New teachers, New opportunities

By Heather Christy, senior

Edgewood High School kicked off the 2016-17 school year with not only new students, but also with four new teachers and a new assistant principal. Eight weeks in, they have varied assessments of the school.

“So far it’s been great. I’m really impressed with the students here,” Edgewood High School’s new physics teacher, Mr.O’Reilly said.

O’Reilly comes comes to Edgewood from a much more urban school in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Edgewood students have impressed him with their behavior.  

“Here, all the students are not only kind, but eager to learn and are respectful of teachers and to each other. So it’s been really nice as a teacher coming in. I really appreciate the respect and kindness I see from students,” O’Reilly said.

Mr. Fyfe, Edgewood’s new Geometry and Algebra One teacher, has had a positive experience at Edgewood.  Fyfe has taught in Tennessee and northern Indiana. Even though Fyfe is on a one year contract, he hopes to continue teaching at Edgewood.

“Edgewood has been great so far. The students here work hard. I liked the faculty I worked with at the last school I taught at, but the faculty here have been so nice and have jumped in to try and help when needed,” Fyfe said.

Mrs. Ferguson is Edgewood’s first Agriculture teacher and also a brand new teacher herself. This will be Edgewood’s first year having an animal science available. Although it’s Ferguson’s first year here at Edgewood along with being a new teacher, Ferguson already has big future plans in mind for her class. She hopes to have a goat farm available for the students one day, along with a greenhouse.

“As soon as possible, I hope to have a chicken coop set up,”  Ferguson said.

Ferguson’s goal for the class is to try and expand the classroom as much as possible to get people to understand that there’s more to animal science than corn and tractors. During the year, Ferguson will be bringing in animals for the class to take care of. Students can also bring in animals. Most of the animals that are staying will be owned by Ferguson herself.

Heather Ahmann, a new senior at Edgewood this year, came from California. Her school there was a much larger school with outdoor hallways. Ahmann moved to Indiana because her family wanted to start a farm.

“Everyone’s nice; I really like the extended-learning days here,” Ahman said.  

Mr. Neal, Edgewood’s new assistant principal and basketball coach, is getting used to Edgewood’s population size. Having in the past taught at much smaller schools, Edgewood is bigger than what he’s used to.

“More resources, more kids to choose from- coaching wise- you go from having twenty kids in your program to thirty to tryout. That makes such a big difference,” Neal said.

Neal sees his future at Edgewood being successful and hopes to have a permanent placement at Edgewood.

With such positive opinions about Edgewood High School, the new school year looks promising.

Popular Politics

By Emily Crismore, sophomore

2016 holds opportunities for citizens to vote and voice their opinions on who they feel will best represent America’s domestic and foreign political interests.

With Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being top choices for the presidential campaign, it’s difficult to tell who will win. Clinton and Sanders are the Democratic forerunners while Trump and Cruz represent the Republican Party.

Controversy surrounds both political parties and their platforms: for instance, Trump would like to close the borders, push immigrants out, and build a wall that Mexico will have to pay for.

“A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border… Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats,” said Trump according to

“I want Donald Trump because he’s bold. He’s not afraid to speak his mind,” sophomore Megan Mishler said. Although some people agree with his ideas and actions, others disagree.

People believe Trump is offensive, which affects the way he is viewed. Trump supporters believe he is great at negotiating and that will help ‘make America great again’, a slogan the Trump campaign has made famous. Republican supporters also believe that Trump has shown that it is okay for conservative leaders to be verbally aggressive when confronting liberal idealism and that sometimes it’s appropriate not to turn the other cheek. Anti-supporters, on the other hand, say Trump has a willingness to hurt others to achieve his goals.

“Well Donald Trump, I think, is a very hateful person. That might have just been how he was raised and that’s how he turned out, but I think he could have gone either way. He’s hateful towards other races, he’s not a feminist, and he’s hateful towards women too,” junior Kayla Ratliff said.

Dissension also plagues the Democratic Party; Democratic candidate Sanders, like members of the GOP, otherwise referred to as the Republican Party or Grand Old Party, also struggles with disputed issues such as keeping the borders open.

Sanders’ political experience includes being mayor of Burlington, Vermont for nine years and being re-elected three times. In addition to border control, Sanders prioritizes and advocates women’s rights.

“If I had to, I would choose Bernie because he is the least sucky. He supports gay rights, which I like and he believes the LGBT community should have the same equal rights as the straight community, and he believes in women’s rights like abortion which I believe in,” Ratliff said.

Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have adamant supporters.  As the November 2016 election date nears one thing is guaranteed; everyone’s emotions will be running high and the political atmosphere will continue to become more intense. Until then, all candidates running for president will compete to win the hearts of America.

What Do the Holidays Mean to You?

By Kayla Ratliff, junior


Jack Gooldy, junior

“We eat dinner and light the menorah (for Hanukkah) and basically the same thing for Christmas, except there’s no menorah and there’s presents.”

Gooldy’s family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah because his mother is Jewish and his father is a Christian.



Mickiah Mann, sophomore

“Every year at my grandma’s house we play a ‘chinese Christmas’, and there’s good gifts and bad gifts on a table; we draw numbers and get gifts and trade them.”

Mann’s favorite things about the holidays are the food and spending time with family.



Veronica Presson, junior

“I think of trees, a lot of lights, ornaments, and just making cookies and having a good time with family.”

Presson loves to watch Christmas movies with friends and family,           making cookies, and drinking hot cocoa.

Ryan Voorhies, senior

“I enjoy the calmness of it; it’s always so hectic but there’s always a warm serenity around it, an aura.”


Voorhies’s family puts up its Christmas tree together and has a family dinner on Christmas Eve with extended family.



Tate Balcam, freshman

“(I enjoy) the lights, the houses; I think it’s pretty.”


Balcam likes to spend time with family during the holidays; they go out to dinner and “talk about the past and future together.”

What Do YOU Want for Christmas?

By Noah White, senior


100 students from Edgewood High School were surveyed on what they wanted for Christmas. Out of those one hundred students, 18 students said that they wanted books. Sophomore Megan Mishler, one of the 18, had a remarkable reason why.

“I love books because books take you places that you can’t go in real life,” Mishler said.

Although the “books” category was not the most popular, it was the most personal.x-mas-graph--newspaper