A Cash Filled Summer for Edgewood Students

By Annie Mishler, freshman

The end of the year at Edgewood High school is right around the corner. Finals are coming and going quickly, leaving students two months of relaxing by the pool and binge-watching Netflix. Well, at least some students will get to enjoy the luxury of summer vacation. While most kids get to sleep in and relish the warm air, everyone else will be too busy engaging in their summer jobs.


With all the free time, teens are cramming in any chance they can get to earn even a small salary. Some of these jobs are liked, while others they can care less for. When asked how she liked her job at IGA, Senior Megan Mishler said, “People can be hard to deal with, but it’s worth it when the paycheck is in my hand at the end of the week.”


Though Megan seems to appreciate her work, Freshman Kenneth Catlaw couldn’t care less about his mowing job, “It’s hot in the summer, making mowing unbearable. Although the pay is good, I would say it’s not worth it.”


Finally, there are those who create their own jobs, freeing them from boredom and creating new challenges. That’s what Freshman Mycal Stewart did by taking a hobby she loves and making herself work for it. “I consider my job reading books. I go to the library, setting myself a goal, and try to read as many books during the summer as possible. Although I cry in almost every book I read, I can’t stop filling my mind with these beautiful stories.”


This summer will be full with busy activities students find for themselves. With some spending their time out in the hot sunny days and others laboring indoors, in the end, students of Edgewood High School hope to have a pleasant summer break.



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