EHS Splashes into Spring Break

By Kiah Taylor, freshman

Spring break is a time for students to relax, kick back, and leave the stress of school behind for a week. Some students spend this time lounging around, some spend this time visiting loved ones, and some use this time traveling to luxurious destinations they would never visit otherwise. Spring break also causes a spread of excitement because it signifies the end of the third nine weeks and the start of the end of the school year. Here at Edgewood High School our students are doing a number of things.


“I’m going to Kings Island for three days, and then I’m staying with my aunt for the rest of the time,” freshman Chris Buckley said. While some people are doing things deemed exciting, others aren’t doing much.


“I’m just going to sit at home and do nothing for a week,” says freshman Marissa McAuley. “I might do some babysitting for extra cash though.”


Some people like Drew Fletcher and Elaysa Mann are traveling long distances just to experience the ocean breeze or a busy city. “I’m going to California to just hang out on the beaches and maybe visit Disneyland,” junior Fletcher says.


“I’m going to New York City and getting some sightseeing in,” freshman Mann says. “We’re planning on seeing the Statue of Liberty and walking in Central Park.”

Others are going short distances, but doing very exciting things. Freshman Grace Beasley was very excited to say that she was going to Chicago for a car show.


No matter what you are doing, take spring break to rest mind and get ready to start the beginning of the last nine weeks.


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