New Year’s Resolutions: Easy to Make, Easier to Break

By Kiah Taylor, freshman 

New Year’s resolutions have been a tradition for many people over many years. People set goals for themselves such as losing weight or improving cooking skills. For many people, these goals are usually forgotten before the end of January.


For people such as Freshman Korey Morris, however, their New Year’s resolutions are going great. “Yeah, my resolution to not play video games as much is really going good. I only play for about one hour a night now,” he states.


For others like Ash Murphy, they don’t go as well. “I’ve been trying to improve my artistic skills, but I haven’t gotten as much drawing time as I’d like.”


“My resolutions are kind of working. Sometimes I eat a healthy dinner, but sometimes I just binge junk food,” says Hallie Dixon.


According to the American Psychological Association (, people trying to make and maintain resolutions should start small and change one behavior at a time. Talking about it with other people also helps because it makes the whole journey easier. Last, but not, least don’t put yourself down. Realize that it takes time to meet your goals, and it will be worth it in the end.


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