12 Facts of Christmas

By Kiah Taylor, freshman

  1. The word “Christmas”  comes from “Christ’s Mass.” This comes from the old English word “cristes-messe.”
  2. Christmas lights, commonly known as “fairy lights,” were invented in 1882 by Thomas Edison.
  3. According to time.com, 1.6 billion  Christmas cards are sent around America every single year.
  4. Christmas was made an official holiday in the United States on June 26th, 1870.

      5. There is a town in Indiana called Santa Claus.

      6. According to nfpa.com, four out of every five Christmas tree fires occur in December and January.

      7. According to npr.com, Irving Berlin tried getting Elvis Presley’s version of “White Christmas” banned from the radio in 1957.

      8. According to newsday.co,  “Jingle Bells” was originally a Thanksgiving song.

      9. According to theatlantic.com, “Do You Hear What I Hear” was inspired by the Cuban Missile Crisis.

     10.“Little Drummer Boy” was originally called “Carol of the Drums.”

     11. “Jingle Bells” was created in Boston.

     12.“A Christmas Carol” was written in just two months.


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