Positively Edgewood

By Emily Crismore, senior

On November 9, Edgewood students arrived at school to find a pleasant surprise of positivity. Each locker in the senior hallway had a positive note card taped to them, each sending a positive message such as; “Be bold”, “keep your eye on the prize”, ”say less do more”, and many more. Student council also hung up boxes full of little encouragements that students could grab and read as they go along in the sophomore hallway. In the freshman hallway, students had the option to take a positive Post-it note off the wall that they enjoyed. “Sometimes the school can be a little negative, and often we only focus on the sports, we wanted to spread the positivity and make everyone feel happy. Every grade has a specific hallway that spreads the positivity,” senior Student Council member Annabelle French said.


This is not the first time that the positivity has been spread at Edgewood. Earlier in the year, a few anonymous students put up Post-It notes in the girls bathroom sharing affirming messages. “People these days are usually rude, but this was a little ray of sunshine. It made me and many  others happy,” senior Bri Myers said. The Post-it notes included quotes: “You were born to stand out”, “never apologize for being you”, “the world is yours”, and others.  With all the negativity 2017 has brought, Edgewood High School students plan to go out with positivity.


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