Conjuring Up Costumes Past

By Annie Mishler, freshman

Halloween is the one time a year people can be whatever they want to be. On this one day, anyone can wear whatever they want. From superheroes to witches, people put on costumes and go house to house asking for anything sweet.


This unique tradition of dressing up goes back to about 2,000 years ago. According to, ‘this first began with the festival of Samhain, when the Celts would dress up in costumes and dance around fires to ward off ghosts.’ Halloween costumes got molded into what they are today through the many years of changing customs.


Today people plan their costumes months before Halloween. While buying a costume is the strategy of most, some enjoy making their costume to create something one of a kind. “I plan to go as a creepy doll,” freshman Mycal Stewart said. “I’ve always loved the style of dolls. Some find them creepy, but I find them beautiful.” Other people prefer the cute side of things instead of creepy. “I decided to dress as Belle [from Beauty and the Beast] because she is my favorite Disney princess,” freshman Rebecca Mills said.


People dress up for other reasons too. “ [Yeah] mainly because all my friends are, and we’re gonna take a bunch of pictures.” freshman Ashley Murphy said when asked if she will be dressing up this year.


Another excuse for the nation to dress as whatever they want is for a party. Rather than trick or treating, some people enjoy the big crowd. Nonetheless, whether the person likes to trick for a treat or party till the moon goes down, the day of Halloween is a time to celebrate.



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