Edgewood Students Offer Mortal Opinions on Wonder Woman

by Annie Mishler, freshman


 Wonder Woman was the talk of the box office this summer for many reasons, notably including the film’s embrace of feminism. This has women raving about the sense of empowerment that Wonder Woman creates in the movie. Edgewood viewers have a variety of opinions about the film’s focus.


Some viewers believe that a hero must be the “iconic male figure,” which leads to some negative opinions towards Wonder Woman. Freshman Corinne Smith disagrees completely with the female superhero Wonder Woman. Smith would prefer a male superhero, she said, because nobody wants to see a female superhero.  “We already won our rights, like, several years ago; just stop.” This is just one reason for a viewer to hate Wonder Woman. Freshman Wesley Santy also said, “I was really just looking for easy rates [a good movie to watch], but then again I’m not a DC fan.”


Senior Megan Mishler disagrees. “I liked how in a lot of the movie you see how powerful women are, and they put men on the back burner. And at the end of the movie you didn’t see Steve doing all the main fighting, you see Wonder Woman, and it makes girls and women feel empowered.”  


Mishler also pointed to the women behind the camera.  “This is the first superhero movie that was directed by a woman — who did an excellent job. It also makes women feel like they can do anything. I stepped out of the theater and felt like I could go beat up anyone I want,” Mishler said.


Some viewers didn’t have an opinion whether the superhero was played by a man or woman. Grace Beasley, freshman agrees with this when she said, “I didn’t really side with it being a women instead of a man; it was just a cool movie.” Other spectators that prefer the superhero being a male might just like seeing it the old fashioned way. While others wish for the strong confident woman playing the hero.
It is common knowledge that people disagree; whether it is Wonder Woman, Superman,or any other superhero. But there is no disagreement about Wonder Woman’s box office performance.  As of this writing it’s still playing at a theater near you.


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