Annie Oakley Wins the Trophy

By juniors Emily Crismore and Hannah Steinmetz 

Edgewood students performed their production and wowed the crowd with Annie Get Your Gun for 3 days, April 20th to the 22nd.

Annie Get Your Gun was based on the story of Annie Oakley, a sharpshooter in the 1800’s. Throughout the whole musical, Annie and Frank, a rival championship sharpshooter that Annie beats in a competition, constantly fight about who’s better than who. Annie faced Frank in two shootouts, both of which she won. During the 1800’s, it was unheard of a woman doing something better than a man.

The musical happens to be very relevant to today and the way people interact with others. “The battle between men and women and the whole competition continues today between lots of people,” Stage Director Mrs. Carter said.

The cast spent countless hours during the weeks before the production practicing as well as doing many of their daily things: sports, school work and socializing. It was difficult for everyone to practice their lines together, in fact, the first day they all were able to practice lines together was the night of the first performance.

“(It was a great deal of) blood, sweat and tears; (it was) a lot of work on our part and the students,” Carter said.

I had the chance to observe the students backstage as they were getting ready for their second performance. The overall atmosphere was very relaxed, and I often found myself laughing along with the cast. Though it was rushed as the time came closer for them to perform, they all kept their cool and had fun in the wings and dressing rooms.

I also had the opportunity to eat with the cast after the performance. It took more than five tables to sit all of the cast together. They shared laughs, making fun of small mishaps, ate, and even sang together. Then, the next day, they got up and went to school, practiced for sports, rehearsed and did it all over again.


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