Edgewood High School Students Making A Difference during the Holiday Season

By Heather Christy, senior

Edgewood High School’s Student Council is developing a program called the Shoebox Project, designed to help the elderly feel appreciated during the holidays.

This project will be a combined effort of Student Council, who will be hosting this event, with NHS, and Key Club. Student contributions are being collected for these shoeboxes, which is located in front of the EHS library. Student Council will be collecting shoeboxes, and in December with the help of NHS and Key Club, wrapping them. The council will then deliver them to the local Richland-Bean Blossom Health Care Center, whose goal is to “help restore maximum abilities for individuals recovering from medical injuries with a patient-centered, cost-effective manner,” according to www.rbbhcc.com.

 “I feel like this Shoebox Project is going to be a great way to give back to our community and share the Christmas spirit,” senior and co-president Jenni Miller said.

To make this work, the council will need seventy-eight shoeboxes altogether, thirty for the men and forty-eight for the women. Placed inside the men’s shoeboxes will be a large cross word puzzle book and wordsearch, a pen, hard candy, homemade soap, chapstick, and candy canes. The women will be receiving the same thing, along with fuzzy socks with grips on the bottom. The shoeboxes will have something in common; in every one of those seventy-eight boxes will be a letter, expressing who is giving this present.

“I think that this project can really bring together three groups in our school and allow us to recognize the elderly in our community. We can work together to make some old people really happy at Christmas, especially those people who do not have family who visit them,” senior and co-president Megan Higgins said.


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