Troubling Technology

By Logan Guzik, junior

The battle over technology continues as Edgewood High School has replaced iPads with Chromebooks.  Edgewood tested Chromebooks last year in selected classroom settings. For 2016-17, every Edgewood student and teacher has a Chromebook.

Some Edgewood students believe the Google Chrome technology is better than the Apple iPad branded software, while others argue the capabilities of each come with a cost of certain functions such as the ability to use Notability and PDF.

Lenovo Yoga 11e Chromebooks, the type the school is using, are part of the ThinkPad series. Special features include a SD card slot, Chrome OS, AUX cord port and various sized USB ports, according to Information from the website,, said that the Chromebooks weigh around 3.1 pounds, has 16GB of storage and a battery life of up to 8 hours while operating off of systems offered by Google Chrome.

“I think it’s easier to type documents on the Chromebooks and it loads faster than iPads. The Chromebooks are heavier and they take up more space in the backpacks. Other than that, I think they’re pretty good,” junior Haley Martin said.

According to, the iPads were 2nd generation Apple iPads, that weighed around 1.33 pounds had 16GB of storage and a battery life of up to 10 hours while operating off of systems offered by Apple.

“So far I haven’t seen that there is Notability on the Chromebooks. The iPads were all around better,” junior Hunter O’Neal said.

Mr. Ennis said he preferred iPads and the use of books in the classroom. Up to now there hasn’t been any disruptions during class involving the use of the Chromebooks.  

“The Chromebooks are a little tougher to write on for the students. With the iPads, the student could use PDF.” Mr.Ennis said.

The students are not allowed to play games, access downloading videos such as Youtube, or listen to music. Edgewood administrators say this uses too much of the school’s bandwidth, a measurement of the amount of internet information that can flow into the school at any given time, and could be the cause of the many wifi and internet connection problems. It has become such a problem that student are no longer able to bring personal devices into the classroom. Before the Chromebooks, iPads had certain connection difficulties as well, yet students were able to bring and use personal devices for their studies if they desired.

Overall, Chromebooks and iPads are carving the path for future learners of the next generation. Time will tell whether Chromebooks are successful and superior replacement for iPads or not.


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