New year, New teachers, New opportunities

By Heather Christy, senior

Edgewood High School kicked off the 2016-17 school year with not only new students, but also with four new teachers and a new assistant principal. Eight weeks in, they have varied assessments of the school.

“So far it’s been great. I’m really impressed with the students here,” Edgewood High School’s new physics teacher, Mr.O’Reilly said.

O’Reilly comes comes to Edgewood from a much more urban school in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Edgewood students have impressed him with their behavior.  

“Here, all the students are not only kind, but eager to learn and are respectful of teachers and to each other. So it’s been really nice as a teacher coming in. I really appreciate the respect and kindness I see from students,” O’Reilly said.

Mr. Fyfe, Edgewood’s new Geometry and Algebra One teacher, has had a positive experience at Edgewood.  Fyfe has taught in Tennessee and northern Indiana. Even though Fyfe is on a one year contract, he hopes to continue teaching at Edgewood.

“Edgewood has been great so far. The students here work hard. I liked the faculty I worked with at the last school I taught at, but the faculty here have been so nice and have jumped in to try and help when needed,” Fyfe said.

Mrs. Ferguson is Edgewood’s first Agriculture teacher and also a brand new teacher herself. This will be Edgewood’s first year having an animal science available. Although it’s Ferguson’s first year here at Edgewood along with being a new teacher, Ferguson already has big future plans in mind for her class. She hopes to have a goat farm available for the students one day, along with a greenhouse.

“As soon as possible, I hope to have a chicken coop set up,”  Ferguson said.

Ferguson’s goal for the class is to try and expand the classroom as much as possible to get people to understand that there’s more to animal science than corn and tractors. During the year, Ferguson will be bringing in animals for the class to take care of. Students can also bring in animals. Most of the animals that are staying will be owned by Ferguson herself.

Heather Ahmann, a new senior at Edgewood this year, came from California. Her school there was a much larger school with outdoor hallways. Ahmann moved to Indiana because her family wanted to start a farm.

“Everyone’s nice; I really like the extended-learning days here,” Ahman said.  

Mr. Neal, Edgewood’s new assistant principal and basketball coach, is getting used to Edgewood’s population size. Having in the past taught at much smaller schools, Edgewood is bigger than what he’s used to.

“More resources, more kids to choose from- coaching wise- you go from having twenty kids in your program to thirty to tryout. That makes such a big difference,” Neal said.

Neal sees his future at Edgewood being successful and hopes to have a permanent placement at Edgewood.

With such positive opinions about Edgewood High School, the new school year looks promising.


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