Benefic Budgeting

By Noah White, senior

With La Vita Nuova prom right around the corner, students are scrambling to find the best ways to budget and save money.

As reported by, families in the U.S. spend an average of $1,139 on prom. Expenses may be broken down into two main categories: females spend  money on pampering services such as hair and makeup applications, manicures, tanning sessions, jewelry, shoes, and of course their dress; males, on the other hand, have a shorter list of expenses but are most often responsible for dinner, a corsage, and the rental of their tuxedo.  According to, females spend an average of $530 on prom while males spend less than half of that amount.

“There’s dresses and tuxedos that are $300 and some that are $100 and the ones that are more bland are the ones that are less expensive. The best way to save money, though, would be just to go around different stores and see which dresses or tuxedos are cheaper. You can even do that on websites and try to rent used dresses or tuxedos because it makes them a lot cheaper than if you just bought it,” junior Hannah Ruedlinger said.

Magazine sales, tuxedo modeling, eating at home instead of a restaurant and having a photo shoot before prom instead of at prom are a few ways that students can save money when budgeting. Junior Veronica Presson said that she bought her prom ticket early and spent around $130. Because prom tickets increase in price the later they are purchased, the money she saved allowed her to budget funds for a dress, a hair and nail appointment, and extra luxuries. Senior Kyra White spent a total of $535: $400 for a dress, $40 for hair, $40 for shoes, $20 for makeup application, and $35 for her prom ticket. White said that she could’ve purchased a secondhand dress or done her own hair to save money. Meanwhile Senior David Hardy didn’t have to pay for all the extra things that girls normally do, so he ended up paying approximately $200 for prom. gives 13 helpful tips to “Spend Less and Still Shine.” These tips include borrowing a dress or tuxedo from a friend or family member, shopping for secondhand accessories, taking a taxi instead of a limo and skipping the formal photos and having them done by a family member or friend.

“I think the prices vary depending on family resources. It’s kind of surprising which families spend the most money. I think it’s cool what people do with renting limos and stuff like that, but it’s mostly about the experience and having a great time not about what you wear or how you get there,” junior co-class sponsor Mrs. O’Malley said.


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