The Best Ways to Keep Warm during Winter Break

By Emily Crismore, sophomore


Winter Break is always a good time to catch up on T.V. shows, go somewhere you’ve never been, or do something you’ve never done.

Sophomore Susan Harris went to Michigan over break. Harris spent her time inside with her grandma quilting and foreclosed from the world. When she went outside with her brother, Connor, they went sledding and she “got stuck in a ditch” and her brother had to shovel her out.

Going somewhere over break can bring many exciting adventures and fun. If you were to go to Florida for instance, you could go to the beach and swim in the ocean.You also could spend a day at Disney World or go to Sea World. You could go Nashville, Tennessee and check out the Music Hall of Fame or visit the Parthenon, the only full scale representation of the ancient Parthenon in Athens, Greece. You could check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California or maybe the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C. Whether you go somewhere big or small, the excitement can be limitless.

Even if you do decide to delay going somewhere over break, you can still enjoy your time at home. Junior Jack Gooldy spent time at home during the break. “I stayed home and played a lot of Fifa. I also hung out with my friends and played more Fifa. I also ate and slept, I think that’s what made my break fun.” Gooldy said. Fifa is a soccer video game that replicates playing in the Fifa world cup game. In Gooldy’s case, he was able to enjoy his break without going anywhere. Often relaxing can help relieve stress, just because you don’t go somewhere over break doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself and the time you have off. A few video games that you could check out are Five Nights at Freddy’s; a game where you must survive nights at Freddy’s pizza joint, Minecraft; a game where you create your own world, or Fallout Four; you can wander around a world that was destroyed by a nuclear war and level up your character.

There are many benefits to staying home instead of going out of state. For instance, you can catch up on that new tv series on Netflix that everyone’s been watching; you can watch Once Upon a Time; a story based on a girl, Emma Swan, whose modern world collides with the fairy-tale world.  You could watch Scandal; Olivia Pope opens up her own crisis firm, but can’t get over her shaky past.

As well as sit back with a good book, and don’t forget to catch up on that much needed sleep! You could plan a Christmas party and invite all of your friends. If you aren’t into parties then you could go to the mall with friends or see a movie. Staying home over break also means you can save money because you won’t be spending it on souvenirs or on gas for transportation. You won’t have to buy food every night or pay for a hotel room to stay in.

Try to relax as much as possible before school starts up again.  No matter where you go or what you do, having a good time and enjoying yourself is all up to you.

“Take it easy, take it easy. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Lighten up while you still can.” – The Eagles



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