What Do the Holidays Mean to You?

By Kayla Ratliff, junior


Jack Gooldy, junior

“We eat dinner and light the menorah (for Hanukkah) and basically the same thing for Christmas, except there’s no menorah and there’s presents.”

Gooldy’s family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah because his mother is Jewish and his father is a Christian.



Mickiah Mann, sophomore

“Every year at my grandma’s house we play a ‘chinese Christmas’, and there’s good gifts and bad gifts on a table; we draw numbers and get gifts and trade them.”

Mann’s favorite things about the holidays are the food and spending time with family.



Veronica Presson, junior

“I think of trees, a lot of lights, ornaments, and just making cookies and having a good time with family.”

Presson loves to watch Christmas movies with friends and family,           making cookies, and drinking hot cocoa.

Ryan Voorhies, senior

“I enjoy the calmness of it; it’s always so hectic but there’s always a warm serenity around it, an aura.”


Voorhies’s family puts up its Christmas tree together and has a family dinner on Christmas Eve with extended family.



Tate Balcam, freshman

“(I enjoy) the lights, the houses; I think it’s pretty.”


Balcam likes to spend time with family during the holidays; they go out to dinner and “talk about the past and future together.”


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