Mustangs March to State

By Noah White, senior


Even with low temperatures and rain, the Marching Mustangs were determined to place first at the IMBA state championship.

The Marching Mustangs of Edgewood High School traveled to Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, November 7th to compete in the Indiana Marching Band Association state championship; 2015 was the ninth straight year that the Mustangs attended the competition. After placing second last year, the marching band was looking for redemption. The band practiced long hours on school nights and weekends; unfortunately, the Marching Mustangs placed seventh.

“This year is a little bit bigger because we have a really hard show and it’s just been a testing year for us because we have a lot of young kids. Our class is getting and becoming better, so the competition is getting much stronger; it’s satisfying to make it to state,” EHS band director Mr. Wells said.

There’s no “I” in team when it comes to the band. The Marching Mustangs are family; they work together at the same pace to get a task accomplished.

“I feel like I belong here and I fit in pretty well. People know me and it’s just easy to make friends,” freshman Kaleb Zeunik said.

This was the very last high school performance for senior Dedra Bennett. After four years of dedication to the band, the culminating experience of state was one that she would never forget.

“I felt a lot of emotions during this last performance. I’ll never be able to perform in Lucas Oil Stadium again, which is really sad, but I think the senior class left on a really good note. We didn’t get first place, but our show was incredible and something really special,” Bennett said.

Mr. Wells, who has taught band at Edgewood for 10 years has had one objective for the band; he wanted them to give 100% of their effort. Wells has had a very successful career at Edgewood; Wells was able to teach all four student classes as well as help many aspiring musicians along the way. There is no doubt the students who have participated in band have made an impact in Wells’ life.

“As a kid I loved band and I enjoyed it and I pursued that career; as of today, I don’t have a wife and I don’t have any kids but these kids are my family; they’re the kids I teach and rehearse with everyday. I try to teach them what I would teach my kids if they were mine. It’s given me a chance to wear the hat of a parent and I’ve been able to do that with this group,” Wells said.



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