An a-MAZE-ing Adaptation

By Emily Crismore, sophomore 

While adding a broader view, director Wes Ball adapts the book, The Scorch Trials, into a movie and at the same time keeps the critical details.

The Scorch Trials is the second book in The Maze Runner series. The first book, The Maze Runner is based upon a boy, Thomas, who lands in the center of a giant maze, called the Glade; he has no memory of who he is, and is surrounded by a group of teenage boys who call themselves “Gladers.” Each Glader is assigned a job varying from a builder to a runner. A runner’s job is to find a way out of the maze;  in addition they are the only ones permitted to go beyond the walls. Of the three years that the other Gladers have been there, the runners haven’t found any clues on how to get out – that is until Thomas arrives.

According to, The Maze Runner brought in 32.5 million dollars within the first three days of it being in theaters, making it the sixth biggest premiere of September 2014.

The Scorch Trials is about Thomas, the main character, and a group of Gladers who have escaped the maze, an area where WICKED, or the World Catastrophe Killzone Experiment Department, have held them captive, using them as experiments. They must now go through the Scorch, a landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles. Thomas and the Gladers will team up with a group of resistance fighters, take on WICKED, and uncover plans for Thomas and the rest of the Gladers.

The author of the series, James Dashner, includes many action packed scenes that are crucial to keep in the movie.Thomas and the Gladers, a group of teens who have just escaped the Maze, run through The Scorch just as a giant storm comes. During this particularly exciting scene included in both the book and the movie, “The bolts came from nowhere, and the world around him erupted in light and thunder. They fell from the sky in jagged streaks, like bars of white light, slamming into the ground and throwing up massive amounts of scorched earth. The crushing sound was too much to bear, and Thomas’s ears began to go numb, the horrific noise fading to a distant hum as he was deaf. He kept running, almost blind now, barely able to see the building.” This scene continues, the rain has been falling down fiercely, which it makes it challenging to see. The lightning hits the ground and shakes everything around them;  the sound of the thunder is so powerful that it makes Thomas’s ears ring, causing him to be temporarily deaf.

When Ball, the director of The Scorch Trials was asked about the look of the movie, he answered, “we’re just trying to make something interesting and kind of creepy.” Ball said that he believes that the visual style, to him, is very interesting, believable, real, and gritty.

“I like the plot of the movie. It just looks like my type of movie; it kind of looks like Divergent, The Hunger Games, stuff like that.” senior Cassidy Cain said when asked if she would be seeing the movie when it comes out.

The Scorch Trials will be the second movie filmed from the series. The first book of the series was published in 2009 and the last in 2012, but The Maze Runner just recently movie. If you are looking to read the books, they can be found on and at the Monroe County Library as well as the Edgewood High School Library. The movie will be released September 18th and will be played at AMC 12 along with AMC 11 in Bloomington, Indiana.


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