Letter from the Editor

By Noah White, senior

Hello, I’m Senior Noah White and the editor of the Hoofbeat Newspaper at Edgewood High School. I have been involved with the school newspaper for three years now; it has made such a big difference in my life and has positively impacted me in many ways. For example, I have earned the opportunity to meet new people, learned a considerable amount about writing, and even gone to San Diego for the NHSJA  journalism convention during the spring of the 2014. We have experienced a variety of changes and successes in these past few years. Perhaps our biggest change was when we went from a print newspaper to an online newspaper;  now getting the news out to the EHS student body is so much easier and faster. One of my goals for this year is to get our stories online as quickly as possible so that the student body will always be updated on what’s going on at Edgewood. I want the students to be well informed and to be able to read our stories right when they come out. My staff and I are very excited to begin this new journey and give Edgewood’s faculty, staff, and students the news they deserve.


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