Standing Up for Riley: Behind the S cenes of the Riley Dance Marathon

By Michal MacMorran, sophomore

Last year the first Riley Dance Marathon at EHS, where 50-75 people came to play games and dance for a few hours, was held by the student council. Raising approximately $3,000 to be solely donated to Riley, the dance marathon was a successful fundraiser.

The second Riley Dance Marathon will be held this year, except this time there are no games but rather nonstop dancing under blacklights for three hours.

“We have a couple people at school that go to Riley for different things, so we thought it’d be cool if we could give back,” Hailea Howard, a junior on student council, said. “We’re always trying to build our community service and what we could give back to our community and our state.”

Preparing for this year’s marathon began in December. Student council went around town to collect donations, whether that be financial or food donations, to raise money “to give back to Riley”.

“Last year we had $3,000, and this year we want to raise $5,000,” Howard said. Student council plans on holding this event annually for the years to come. “Better things, and more to come,” Howard said.

Not only are there blacklights, a party playlist, and nonstop dancing, but Riley patients will be welcomed to share their stories as well. At last year’s marathon, two five year old twin girls came and told the attendants about how one of them had to have a heart transplant through Riley.

“It was really touching,” Howard said. “It makes you realize what you’re dancing for, what you’re standing for. You’re standing up for the kids at Riley.”

This year’s Riley Dance Marathon: Black Light Dance will be held on Saturday, May 16 from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Registration waivers can be picked up at lunch THIS WEEK, and they must be turned in with $10 to sign up.



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