Smith shatters 31-year old record

Interview by Deserai Lucas, senior

Photo by Michal MacMorran
Photo by Michal MacMorran

Senior Austin Smith broke the 14.7 110 hurdle record that has been on the books since 1984 with a time of 14.41.

Q: How did you feel about breaking the record?
A: “I felt kinda shocked and stunned that I actually did, and by the amount that I did. 3/10 doesn’t sound like that much in a race, but in that short amount of distance 3/10 is a lot.”

Q: What did it mean to you?
A: “It meant a little bit to me, and I had the goal to break the record since freshman year, but it meant more to my dad because he wanted to see me break it more than I did.”

Q: How long have you worked to break the record?
A: “In between eighth grade year and freshman year and all the way up until junior year I worked with a special hurdle coach in the summer and in the winters specifically for hurdles outside of track practice. So I’ve been doing it for quite a while.”

Q: How did your parents react/feel?
A: “My mom was ecstatic, and dad tried to act humble but he kind of teared up too.”

Q: Do you have any other goals for the rest of the season?
A: “I want to make it to state this year in hurdles, and I want to try to break my own record.”


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