NFL Draft set to take place in Chicago

By Noah White, junior

The 79th annual NFL Draft has come around yet again for the year of 2015. This time with what is supposedly the “best draft class in a long time,” ESPN analyst Deion Sanders said on an ESPN broadcast.

Top prospects such as Amari Cooper from the University of Alabama, Marcus Mariota from the University of Oregon, Jameis Winston from Florida State University and other prospects from college football are looking to be drafted in this years NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft takes place in Chicago from Thursday, April 30th through Saturday, May 2nd. Thursday being the first round starting at 8 P.M. Friday then rounds 2 and 3 starting at 7 P.M. and Saturday being rounds 4, 5, 6, and 7 starting at 12 P.M. The NFL Draft will be televised on NFL Network everyday and ESPN on Thursday and Saturday and ESPN2 on Friday.

College football players from all over the U.S. are waiting anxiously to be drafted into the NFL. Some will be drafted and some will go undrafted. The ones that go undrafted will still be able to go into the NFL and play professional football. Meaning if a player does not get drafted into the NFL they can go sign as a free agent and a team can later pick that player up in the free agency.

“Tevin Coleman is the best all-around runnerback and he should’ve been the first off the board,” Athletic Department Intern Mr. Lursen said.


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