2015 Men’s and Women’s Basketball Champs Crowned

By Noah White, junior

Men’s Basketball

After a month of 64 NCAA teams battling it out in a head to head showdown, four final teams came out as the top four teams in the nation.

Those final four teams battled it out at Lucas Oil Stadium on April 4th to see who would advance to the championship game on April 6th. Number one seed Wisconsin defeated the undefeated number one seed Kentucky 71-64 and number one seed Duke took down number seven seed Michigan State 81-61.

“When Duke won the championship I was very excited. It was awesome that they got the 5-point win over Wisconsin,” Junior Dion Sprinkle-Bouchard said.

Duke finished off the year with a record of 35-4 and defeating Wisconsin for their 5th national championship to add onto its four other banners hanging in Cameron Indoor Stadium.

“It was pretty nice. Duke’s my favorite team but I think they deserved it more than Wisconsin or any other team,” sophomore Chase Oltman said.


Women’s Basketball

Four final teams earned their way to the top to become the top four Women’s teams in the nation. Those final four teams battled it out at Amalie Arena in Tampa Florida on April 5th.

The four teams left in the tournament were all number one seeds including Uconn, Maryland, Notre Dame, and South Carolina. Uconn went on to defeat Maryland 81-58 and Notre Dame defeated South Carolina 66-65. That would put Notre Dame and Uconn in the championship game for the second year in a row.

“I was rooting for Uconn since the tournament started. They’re just a fundamentally sound team,” freshman Jimmy Boltinghouse said.

The Uconn Huskies defeated the Notre Dame fighting Irish 63-53 to conquer their third straight championship. Uconn finished the season with a record of 38-1, their only loss coming from Stanford by two points early in the season.

“I was surprised. I actually thought Notre Dame would’ve won but they had a great

season,” junior Lezlie Kelso said.


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