Spring Break Destinations

By Michal MacMorran, sophomore

Having two entire weeks off from school opens up great opportunities to travel over Spring Break. These are just a few of the destinations our peers got to visit…

Map Idea for Michal

1- Kylie Teague, Lexi Inglalls, Jordan Chevalier, and Isaac Drescher went to Panama City Beach, Florida. “My favorite part of the trip was all the delicious food and watching the dolphins from my balcony every morning,” -Kylie Teague, senior


2- RJ Delphia, Stephanie Mason, and many other band members went to New Orleans, touring swamps, exploring a plantation, and experiencing the food culture.

3- Jill Robertson went to Louisville, Kentucky to purchase her prom dress. “No one else got their dress there, so it’s a pretty special place,” -Jill Robertson, senior

4-  Sara Brooks went to Siesta Key, Florida. “The warmth and the beach- anywhere with those is amazing,” -Sara Brooks, junior

5- Jace Pugh and Lucas Poling went to Chicago, Illinois. “Touring Chicago theater was awesome. We also saw the Blue Man Group, and that was really cool.” -Jace Pugh, sophomore

jace and lucas

6- Abby Brinegar went to New York City, New York. “I loved it! It was such a big city, a really cool place to be.” -Abby Brinegar, sophomore

7- McKenzie Aynes went to Cocoa Beach, Florida. “The atmosphere in Florida is so care-free, and I love it,” -McKenzie Aynes, sophomore


8- Abigail Hawkins went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. “Going to the Dixie Stampede show was the perfect way to end a great vacation,” -Abigail Hawkins, sophomore


9 – Ashlyn and Amber Vecrumba went to many places as they cruised around and traveled, including Belize, Cozumel, and Little French Key, a private island.

Vercrumba 1

10- Katy Williams went to numerous places in the west, one of them being Las Vegas. “We got to travel to Vegas, San Diego, and I even got to see the Grand Canyon,” -Katy Williams, sophomore


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