EHS-OV 50 Year Rivalry continues to heighten

By Noah White, junior

Patriots and Colts, Red Sox and Yankees, Celtics and Lakers. All of these rivals yet one stands alone; Edgewood and Owen Valley

From just being two ordinary towns to becoming a huge sports rivalry, Edgewood and Owen Valley have been rivals since 1965. From nicknames to hard fought sports games, the two teams still look to conquer the win every time they step up to each other. The first chapter in the rivalry was written in January of 1965. However, instead of being Edgewood and Owen Valley, it was Ellettsville and Spencer.

“That’s what people lived for – that rivalry between Ellettsville and Spencer. Now it’s all about Edgewood and Owen Valley, and what makes that so special is the school spirit both schools have. They’re both all about the school spirit and they both just show so much pride when it comes to playing each other,” 1965 Edgewood graduate Gene Curry said.

There’s no doubt that Edgewood and Owen Valley have always had a history together. History started it all for both schools. The past has lead to today where the rivalry between Edgewood and Owen Valley has only grown stronger. For the past 50 years both schools have wanted to be the one to be victorious at the end of the game. Whether it was basketball, football, soccer, baseball, or even track. The only thing that mattered was beating one another.

“The rivalry has just gotten more intense. It’s just that game where you just wanna be as good as you can and most importantly it’s about representing your school,” 1965 Edgewood graduate Jimmie Durnil said.

Although both teams are rival schools, they both still respect each other and play their game. It’s always important at the end of the game to be able to line up and tell the other team good game. There will always be high emotions during Edgewood and Owen Valley games but the stakes will always be high playing each other, especially when you want to beat your rival team. The rivalry between Edgewood and Owen Valley has lived on for 50 years, and counting.

“I think what makes this rivalry so special is that it’s always been hard fought but it’s also been clean. No matter what the records are the game always goes down to the wire. I just think the way the kids go at it and how hard fought it is makes this rivalry so special. Its always a packed house when both teams play and the atmosphere is just fantastic,” 1986 Edgewood graduate and radio talk host of 97.7 Tony Kale said.


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