5 Closings, 3 Delays and Counting

By Kayla Ratliff, sophomore & Deserai Lucas, senior

In the past two weeks, RBBCSC has had a total of five closings and three school delays, which could soon cut into the upcoming spring break.

While some consider school delays and closings a blessing, the teachers and students of Edgewood High School think otherwise. Testing, sports, and other extracurricular activities in and outside of school have been postponed or cancelled due to the weather and travel conditions.Teachers must also strain and push their students to learn when they return to school.

“The hardest part is missing two or three days in a row. It’s hard to come back and get in full gear. Teachers that have taught long enough are used to it, so it may be tougher on the students. It’s hard to get motivated after a snow day or two-hour delay,” math teacher Mr. Uhls said.

Standardized tests like ISTEP  have a time frame of about two weeks to be finished in, so they aren’t difficult to be completed. The Accuplacer, a test taken by juniors who do not obtain a certain score on the PSAT, was delayed one week.The finals schedule is left up to the head building administrators. However, with so many delays and cancellations, Uhls said teachers just have to roll with the punches.  They must rush to fit in the state standards of each class along with the rest of the material that needs to be covered; they have to cut out the nonessential sections and revise their lesson plans.

“It affects everyone and messes with the schedule…You have to keep planning and do your best. You’re always gonna change things, it happens,” Mr. Uhls said.

Along with the educational matters, pastimes like the winter guard competition in Greenwood on February 20th and the show choir competition in Loveland on the 21st were cancelled. Two practices were also cancelled.

“We have had to work a lot harder in a way shorter amount of time. We’ve had to move really quickly during class time,” show choir member and junior Molly Brown said.

Despite the fact that the teachers and students experience stress, deciding which days will be snow days is a long, hectic process. The superintendent of RBBCSC, Dr. Mike Wilcox, meets with the building level administers at the beginning of every school year to discuss the calendar. They look at the fall, Christmas, and spring breaks, along with three day weekends. Once they have the possible last student day set, they determine the number of days that could serve as snow days.

“When you have 3500 lives in your hands based on your decision, you try to make the best decision that you can for every body. You want everybody to be careful and to get here safe and sound. It’s an awesome responsibility,” Dr. Wilcox said.


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