EHS Graduate Alex Driver recovers from car accident

By Michal MacMorran

*The Hoofbeat is receiving updates on Alex’s condition, and we will update the story as soon as we know any more information.* 

On November 3, firefighters had to use cutting tools to pry 18 year old Alex Driver from his 1999 Toyota Camry. Driver is a graduate of Edgewood High School, and was involved in basketball, baseball, and soccer. The car accident occurred on Union Valley Road, sending Driver to Methodist Hospital. Luckily he wasn’t driving with anyone else. Upon arriving at the hospital, Driver was put into a coma as a precaution of avoiding serious trauma.

“Alex is an awesome kid, always active and fun to be around,” EHS principal Mr. Ackerman said. “When you think about someone being injured like that and in the hospital, it really sends a chill up your spine.”

The news of his accident sent a pang of pain into the community of Driver’s town and school.
“You hate to see someone so young who just graduated go through such a traumatic experience,” Mr. Ratliff, a physical education teacher who knew Driver through school and sports, said.
Ratliff is also the head coach of the wrestling team, and this year they decided to use their scrimmage match, the Red and Black meet, to benefit Driver’s family. The meet had a free admission but took all the donations towards the family that it could raise.  The meet collected about $500.
“We decided to dedicate the meet for Alex. I understand what his family is going through in terms of an emotional roller coaster, so we wanted to help support them and let them know that Ellettsville cares about them,” Ratliff said.

Even though the meet raised $500 when it was a free admission, it can only cover a fraction of what Driver’s family must pay for as far as medical bills, gas for constantly making trips to the hospital,came other expenses.
“You always wish it could be more,” Ratliff said, “but that money will be well spent on whatever the family needs to take care of Alex.”
The meet wasn’t the only action being taken to show care for Driver. Students have been writing letters and reading them to Driver.
“Although he’s not conscious enough to have a conversation yet, he’s definitely conscious enough to hear the letters and I think he’s responding to them. He reacts to them, and they stimulate him, making him happy,” Ackerman said.

According to Ratliff, people have been giving the Driver family food cards, gas cards, and other gift cards to express their support generously and with sympathy.

“We need to understand that we’re not invincible,” Ratliff said. “Life can change in an instant.”

Driver awoke sometime around November 19th, and is now in a rehabilitation center where he is able to walk with assistance, and has been riding an exercise bike. Driver is expected to be able to return home in about two weeks.


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