Homecoming Announcements

Sign up for CLASS CLASH EVENTS at lunch THIS WEEK!

Choose the senior representatives for homecoming King and Queen by going to this link and voting. Voting closes Monday at 5pm.

Queen Candidates:

  • Amanda Burrell
  • Madison Cowden
  • Emma Hall
  • Lexi Ingalls

King Candidates:

  • Ethan Gomes
  • Hank Phillips
  • Ryan Newman
  • Tyler Hornick

Spirit Days begin Monday! Dress up to earn points towards Class Clash! Remember to keep it school appropriate!
Monday: Character Day – Dress up as your favorite cartoon, movie character or celebrity!
Tuesday: Age Swap Day – Ex: Wear your Grandmas clothes; dress like a toddler
Wednesday: Clash Day!!
Thursday: Superhero Day – Honor Parker Gilliland by dressing as your favorite Superhero!
Friday: Spirit Day – Wear your favorite Edgewood Apparel!

Jello Collections for the Class Clash Jello Slide are in full swing! Turn in Jello to your class sponsor’s room to earn points for your class!
Freshman: Mrs. VanAllen/ Mrs. Dye
Sophomore: Mrs. Junken
Junior:  Mrs. O’Malley
Senior: Ms. Byers


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